Asterisk integrations with Cisco UCM – MWI

I simply forgot MWI wasn’t working since I get an email and just delete the message via email after listening! My daughter asked me why she never knows if she has a voicemail (she doesnt have usable email) and it prompted me to fix it. I’ll post what I did and how I did it shortly. Since call manager doesn’t inherently support authenticated sip trunks of course, no google voice integration, i’ve used my Asterisk server (running since 2002) as my Gateway for sometime. When I got my hands on a few 88xx, 8945s, and a dx650, I decided to setup call manager. To keep everything smooth, I just send everything to Asterisk and let it route to the cloud. Asterisk also provides my voicemail capability for the asterisk phones (my parents, a few military friends, and a few friends who would like to call locally within the US) and the Cisco phones. Calling into voicemail and diverting calls to voicemail is extremely basic so I won’t discuss this at all, but MWI stumped me. Asterisk handles MWI pretty differently from Unity Connection and I struggled with it for a bit. After an hour of internal server errors I decided to try scripting.

Prior to the scripting, I went ahead and created my MWI off and on DNs, 191# and 192# respectively. Dialing this from my Cisco phones would turn on or off the MWI successfully. So my thinking was, alright, a call comes in to asterisk, routes to cisco whereupon the timeout is hit or i decline the call. this sends a sip message back to asterisk which i use to send the call to the busy or unavailable voicemail recording. I needed to launch a script any time I dialed into voicemail or someone left me a voicemail. After some digging through my asterisk book and the subsequent verification that the options still exist in Asterisk 13, i stumbled upon externnotify for voicemail.conf. This let’s you specify a script to launch anytime voicemail is accessed.

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