I Love EVE-ng

I recently needed to lab out some things and while my homelab is great, it was lacking a few items. Let’s start with how I run EVE-ng. I run this on ESXi 6.7 with 4 vCPU, 8GB of memory, and 40GB of storage.

This first started because a client wanted to setup a DMVPN tunnel between sites and eliminate their existing costly T1s between sites.

This made sense for multiple reasons

  • from a cost perspective it’s a HUGE savings
  • from a bandwidth perspective it’s a HUGE increase
  • from a control perspective, the client controls it FULLY!
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SRST-CME -> CME nightmare

Today, I was working with a client at a remote location. Initially, we prepped a Cisco 4331 to be installed as an SRST-CME device. This particular site has a PRI and a relatively unstable WAN connection. I prepped this router in a different location as we expected no WAN connection once it was installed.

As it turned out, the PRI got turned up much earlier than expected, so now we needed to get the phones registered to the router. Well, as some of you may know, you can’t configure a router for SRST-CME AND CME at the same time. Thus begins the process of removing the SRST-CME config and prepping the new config.

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