Upgrading windows server and lack of redundancy

TL;DR Redundancy is important!!!

I enjoy projects and sometimes when I can’t afford new projects I just make something up. In this case, I’ve had an AD Domain Controller on Server2012r2 for.. around 4 years now. All the systems, both windows and linux, are joined to the domain. Permissions are controlled solely by group membership in AD and things work great! The domain controller is also the DHCP and DNS server for the domain (as you might expect since I have a DC…) Anyway, I decided hey, it’s 2017, why am I still running server 2012r2? Let’s upgrade to 2016! Well, I’ll kick this off by saying upgrades are the worst, I never do it and I steer clients away from it all the time. Sadly, I was lazy and I did an upgrade. It actually went very well, I had to do a couple extras but very smooth over all. I still plan to do a clean rebuild in the near future.

On to the actual issues (sorry, we will be lacking some details, but upgrading windows server is very smooth, there isn’t much for me to say about it unless requested… As I mentioned, this server also provides DNS. Since most machines on my network are Windows, which caches DNS by default, I didn’t think taking DNS down would be a big deal. Well, I was wrong, so wrong.
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