About Will Longo

I served in the US Army for 11 years, finishing my time with the 82D Airborne Division as one of two telecommunications engineers for the division. During that time, I redesigned the entire voice architecture of Southern and western Afghanistan. The design later spread throughout the tactical footprint and resulted in significantly higher reliability on critical VoIP systems. I also assisted with the engineering the black core MPLS network carrying encrypted data throughout the world. I worked with C5ISR to deploy high speed communications throughout the country which brought unheard of capability to the lowest echelons throughout the country. This positively impacted the mission success and overall quality of life of our front line Soldiers.

In my personal life, i run a vmWare 6.0 server which handles my home Windows Server 2012 R2 domain controller, my Asterisk 13 PBX (which currently runs all my household phones, 2 friends in Canada, and 1 Soldier in Afghanistan), my linux development box, my WSUS server, my Cisco Unified Communications Manager 11.0.1 (which runs 3 phones in my home lab) trunked through the Asterisk PBX, and finally my Open Media Vault NAS. When i use a technology for work, i also immerse myself in it at home to ensure i know it 100%. I work with TomatoUSB/DD-WRT for home routers, which if you aren't aware can seriously help you out in your small office or home. I also work on smart phones pretty heavily, if you have an issue, i can probably assist you. When you look for a consultant, don't just get the guy who has a ton of experience in the field, pick the guy who also LOVES the job. I am passionate about IT and when I work for you, that passion will be about ensuring your project is 110% successful.

CPT Longo, Spin Boldak, Afghanistan

CPT Longo giving a mission brief.

1LT Longo, Kabul, Afghanistan

1LT Longo receiving a Meritorious Service Medal after events surrounding the Fiber cut of 2008.

CPT Longo, Kandahar, Afghanistan

CPT Longo receiving a Bronze Star for his actions during the 2011-2012 deployment to Afghanistan.